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Welcome to SLM Arts

HAVING LOST ALL THE CONTENTS OF MY WEBSITE I AM NOW TRYING TO REDO IT ALL..not an easy job…means lots of photos to be taken again…listed again…etc…etc… be lenient and patient…i will try my best but it takes time to do all this from scratch…Merci for your understanding

I am a Painter, trompe l oeil and Decorative Painter, Glass Artist, Porcelain Painter,  Thread Art artist and a  Reborn Artist

All HandmadeLots of things to enjoy….

REBORNING (babbies and toddlers)
TROMPE L OEIL to dream about and make real….
GLASSWORKS , be it stained glass, vitrail ,Tiffany

LAMPWORK (torch, oxygen and gas )

TEDDY BEARS …. etc….

Decorative paintings, as well as traditional paintings….

Everything is handmade by me…I can NEVER make exactly the same thing again so whatever you chose is guaranteed to be unique and exclusive!

You can also have a peep at the work in progress , the newspaper articles , future exhibitions etc etc.. if you have questions…

Don’t hesitate to mail me…

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