CAROLE reborn baby


Carole has been meticulously painted in many many thin layers to achieve depth and realism in her skintones and is painted with genesis non toxic paints.. No detail has been overlooked! She has blue and yellow undertones, as well as natural and realistic veining in all the appropriate places. Her little nails have been tipped and glossed, along with her lips, eyelids, nostrils and inner ears.

Carole has 3/4 arms and full legs with a custom doe suede cloth body. She also has a tummy plate ( removable) coming with her, if you wanted her to be a BOY instead of being a girl…just change the little dress and dont put the belly plate ūüôā ¬†. ¬†Carole has two little scars on her face she made with her nails… She has been weighted to feel just like a real baby. Her head is heavy, and will need to be supported just like a newborn’s would! She is SO much fun to cuddle!

Carole comes with her pacifier. (the magnet can be removed if wished)
***caution should be used when holding Carole around electronics or persons with pacemakers***

Carole ‘s hair has been rooted one by one …. just comb/ brush it gently when you wish

Carole will come home with  Doll i crocheted for her
   Headband i crocheted for her
   Knitted hat with matching bootes and jacket , knitted by me
   Magnetic Pacifier
   Birth Certificate  (if you wish to give her another name ( or change this reborn into a boy ) please let me know so as to update her birth certificate,) 

carole can be turned in a boy by changing the clothes and not adding the tummy plate 

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CAN BE BOY OR GIRL   (remove tummy plate if you want a boy )

Sculpted  by Elisa Marx,  kit Franklin
19.6 inches
5.7 lbs
Reborn by  SLM,

anatomically correct girl belly plate…

(plate can be taken away if sculpt wanted as a boy


130 euros  to reserve (non refundable)

rest can be paid in three monthly payments if needed



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